Diane Stallcup

Sr. Account Manager

Diane is responsible for managing to ensure that operations are running smoothly, as well as maintaining client relationships to deliver a positive customer service experience. She is responsible for performing market analysis, coordinating communication pieces, open enrollment, claims and service support, and implementation and ongoing plan administration.

Diane is well-known by her coworkers and clients for being exceptionally organized, and she utilizes this skill to keep the company structured and focused. As the Sr. Account Manager, she gathers important data and information for growing businesses, creates presentations for board meetings, and develops and distributes paperwork for clients.

Diane loves working with Synergy because of the company’s overwhelmingly positive culture and a sincere passion to help clients.

Industry Experience: Since 1990

Duration at Synergy: August 2016

Education: Bachelor of Science in Business Management from University of Phoenix

Personal Interests: Diane is a homebody who loves to travel. She is happiest in the comfort of her own home, spending time with her family and planning her next vacation destination. She enjoys participating with the numerous charity organizations that Synergy promotes and likes to hike in her free time.

  (918) 671-6777
  [email protected]

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